Ein maßgeschneidertes Leinenhemd ist perfekt für den Frühling und Sommer, wenn man sich ein kühlendes und luftiges Tragegefühl wünscht. Unsere Leinenhemden lassen Sie immer gut und relaxed aussehen. Unsere Leinenhemden werden nach Ihren Maßen gefertigt.
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Tailor Store Linen Shirts

Dating back tens of thousands of years, Linen is one of the world’s oldest textiles. Over many millennia linen has been adopted and used by people and across the globe.

Linen is a light, strong, highly durable material made from natural flax fibers. It can be washed at high temperatures, is highly absorbent, and cool to the touch. For these reasons, linen shirts are extremely popular in the summer season and hot destinations.

Easy to wear, airy and cooling, every man needs a linen shirt in his wardrobe. Better yet, truly make it your own and order a personally customized, fully made to measure linen shirt from Tailor Store.

Prefer short or long sleeves? Contrasting seams and buttons? With or without breast pockets? Check out our shirt designer, let your creativity free, craft your tailored linen shirt and then wear it exactly how you want.